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Quality Policy

It is the policy of Finishing & Plating Service, Inc. to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing a defect free product, on time, at the lowest possible cost with management and employee commitment to continuous improvement and support. 

Listed here are some of the processes available at F.P.S. We know requirements are always changing. If a certain process is needed, we will work to find a solution for you.


• Zinc Tri Clear & Hex Yellow
• Post dips super seal & oil
• Pickle dry or oil
• Degrease
• 10’ long 6’ tall 15” deep 

Manual & Automatic Barrel Line

• Automatic: Zinc Tri Clear & Hex Yellow
• Automatic: Post dips: High Corrosion seals, Waxes & Oils
• Zinc-Cobalt alloy plating
• Manual-Zinc all colors &    chromates
• Zinc-Cobalt black & yellow
• Post dips oils, waxes, chromate    dipping, Super Seal, and many 
   more to list
• Tin Plating both bright & matte
• Phosphate oil, wax or dry
• Alkaline cleaning (caustic)
• Passivating of stainless steel 

3 Return Type Rack Lines

• Zinc plating: Tri-clear & yellow, Hex-black & yellow
• Zinc-Cobalt yellow & black
• High corrosion chromates
• Post dips oils & seals
• Degreasing of stainless    steel 

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